Aspect Ratios

16:9 aspect ratio

What is 16:9 aspect ratio?

16:9 aspect ratio (also 16×9, 16 by 9 or 16 to 9) is currently the most used for landscape videos and photos. Is the ratio between 16 units in width and 9 units in height.

16:9 aspect ratio


The 16:9, known as landscape, is certainly the most used format. You can use it on various video platforms, for example like youtube and facebook. The most common size you can use is 1920 x 1080px. However you can use our tool and calculate any size in this format.
16:9 aspect ratio

Common Resolutions

16:9 landscape

256 x 144

640 x 360

864 x 486

960 x 540

720p HD ready · 1280 x 720

HD+ · 1600 x 900

1080p Full HD · 1920 x 1080

QHD · 2560 x 1440

QHD+ · 3200 x 1800

4K UHD / UHDTV1 · 3840 x 2160

5K Retina · 5120 x 2880

8K UHD / UHDTV2 / Super Hi-Vision · 7680 x 4320

16:9 aspect ratio

9:16 aspect ratio


The 9:16 ratio, known as a portrait, is most importantly on mobile devices. You can use it on various video platforms, for example, like youtube and instagram. Certainly the most common size you can use is 1080 x 1920px. However you can calculate larger sizes simply.

The 16:9 format has became the most important standard format for televisions and monitors since 2009. It is used, for example, in international HDTVs and monitors, after the 4:3 format has stopped being used.

Likewise on mobile devices, it is widely used, both landscape and portrait. In apps like instagram and facebook it is certainly the best way to show videos and stories. However, even with new devices with new formats, the 16:9 aspect ratio will continue to be used a lot, for sure. Through our aspect ratio calculator you will certainly be able to define the size of your videos in a simple and easy way.