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pixel calculator

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Pixel Calculator was developed to be a complete and free tool. With it you can calculate basically any pixel size and convert mm, cm and into pixels. In addition, you can calculate the resolution in dpi, according to your need.

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You will need to calculate something related to pixel in various uses, such as printing photos, using images on monitors and much more. In addition, you will also need to know which dpi to use for which purpose, as a printed image has a lower dpi resolution than a photograph, for example. And all of this may seem difficult, but our calculator helps you calculate it easily.

Below you can learn more about pixel calculator. In addition we have other very useful tools, such as the Resolution Calculator, which you can use completely free of charge!

Learn more about ppi and dpi.

pixel calculator

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Convert mm, cm or inches to pixel

If you have a printed image and need to know for example how many pixels it has, use our calculator. With it you can calculate the inverse too, to know for example how many pixels you will need in your image so that it has the desired size in cm or mm.

What you should know about dpi and ppi

PPI or pixels per inch describes the pixel resolution of a digital image, while DPI or dots per inchs describes the amount of ink dots in a printed image. It is used for example when you need to print an image. In this case if you need photographic quality you should have a higher dpi than if you are going to print in a standard way.

But that’s not all, on TVs and mobile devices you always see the dpi information. The higher the dpi of an image or video, the more defined and sharp it will be.

Basically both have the same calculation factor, so in many programs that export images you can find the term dpi instead of ppi.

You can find this dpi on monitors, but it depends on the configuration and size
72 dpi
If you need to print documents and images, but without the need for high definition
150 dpi
You can use this resolution if you need to print cards and folders for example
300 dpi
Use this value when you need, for example, to print in high resolution, but not in photo quality
600 dpi
Used when you need photo resolution with greater color realism
1200 dpi