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Unminify css (or beautify) is make code easier to see and edit. It is the reverse process of minify and indicated when you need to edit some css.

1 - This tool works locally in your browser, our server does not store any data.

2 - Backup your original code before replacing it with the beautified code. After you've made the edits, you can minify again.

.Beautify css to make your code easier to understand and edit!

With our tool you can beautify your css code and format it in an easier to understand way. It will add spacing, line breaks and argument formatting, and with this it helps to format in cascading style sheets.

When you minify your css you are optimizing the code, so your site loads faster, but in minified format it's difficult to find a piece of code to edit. By unminify css you go back to the default cascading formatting, make the edits you want and then you can go back to minify css. This way you keep your code up to date and don't lose the benefits that minify does on your website!

.See how our tool does unminify css:

- We keep the comments / * * /

- Add line breaks and spaces when possible

- Transform the style sheet into a cascade

- Beautify all CSS declarations

- We keep rgb and rgba codes

- We added a semicolon to the last item before "}"

- Include the zero before all decimal numbers (eg .5 to 0.5)

.Why should you unminify css or beautify css?

As you know, keeping your css, java, php and html codes minified will help your site load faster and get the best ratings. But what about when you need to edit the code, how do you do it? Many templates and systems already have minified codes, and this way it is much more difficult for you to find, even through the inspector, a specific css argument, since they are all on the same line.

When you unminify, besides making all the code more readable, each css argument is on a different line, this way you can find the exact number of the line you are producing. But don't forget to do minify css again as it's the best way to keep your css code.

.Minified css example:

.Beautified css example:

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unminify css
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