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minify css

Minify your css to remove all unnecessary white space, line breaks, strips comments and characters in your code. Make your site load faster!

Add line break after every { }

1 - This tool works locally in your browser, our server does not store any data.

2 - Backup your original code before replacing it with the minify code. Some systems, such as Wordpress, use comments /* example */ as relevant information. If your css code needs to keep the comments, do the minify without them.

.Make your site smaller and faster to load by minify css code!

Minimize CSS turns your well-formed and beautified CSS code into optimized code by removing white space, indentation, newlines, and comments. But don't worry, these elements aren't necessary for CSS to be used successfully, and removing them makes your site load faster.

When you minify your css code, it becomes difficult to understand and edit, but to solve this problem you can use our other tool called unminify css. It is a css beautifier, to make it easy to understand and edit again.

.See what our tool can do to optimize your css code:

- Strips all comments /* */

- Removes useless white spaces, indentation and line breaks

- Change RGB color values to a shorter hexadecimal format

- Removes all empty CSS declarations

- Reduce hexadecimal colors following the pattern #ffcc00 to #fc0

- Removes the last semi-colon of a style declaration and extra semi-colons

- Convert values with "none" to 0 when possible

- Removes units when using zero values

- Convert bold fonts to "700"

- Removes the leading 0 if value is lower than one (ex: 0.5 to .5)

.Why should you do your own minify css instead of using a plugin?

When you install a plugin to minify your code, you lose control of what was done, and errors may occur in other code on your site. Also, the goal of you doing minify is to minimize file sizes so that your site loads faster. When you install a plugin, you add new files to be loaded when accessing your site, so all the benefits of minify may not be enough.

The fewer files (css, javascript, jquery, etc.) your site needs to run, the faster it will load and the better grades you'll get on performance rating sites. Search engines rank the best sites first, and you can optimize your code to load your site faster, then you will take a considerable advantage.

.Beautified css example:

.Minified css example:

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minify css
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