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resolution calculator

resolution calculator

Learn more about our resolution calculator!

Resolution calculator is an important tool for calculating, for example, the aspect ratio of an image or video. Whenever you need to know the aspect ratio of a size or its pixels and megapixels, use our calculator.

Simple and objective resolution calculator!

Every image or video has a resolution, and it is very important that you know how it works. Even if some sizes you do not know which aspect ratio, it is important to calculate.

In some cases you will need to increase or decrease a size and maintain the same proportion. But in other cases you need to know how many pixels your image has, to see if it will work the way you need it.

In addition we have other calculators that are complementary to this, such as the Pixel Calculator, which you can use for free. Below you can learn more about the importance of knowing the resolutions.

You see, with our calculators your life becomes easier. Best of all, they are free! Learn more about image resolution. In addition to all these powerful calculators. We are always developing more. Always visit our website and check out our news! Always count on us for what you need! In addition, our tools are free!

resolution calculator

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Discover the image format and aspect ratio

If you have an image with 300 x 300 pixels you know that it has a square format and aspect ratio of 1:1. But if your image is 1250 x 840 pixels, what will be the format and aspect ratio? With our calculator you can get this information easily.

Know what is pixel and megapixel

Pixel is the smallest point that together with others forms a digital image. You can see for example on monitors, TVs and mobile devices. Each pixel has a color and the set of pixels form an entire image.

However a megapixel is 1 million pixels. You can find this term in digital cameras, for example. This where they indicate that each photo taken has a specific amount of megapixels.

Look at two images of the same size and different megapixels. The image with the largest megapixel will be sharper and more defined.

A pixel is the smallest point that forms for example a digital image

1 pixel
One megapixel is basically the set equivalent to one million pixels
1 megapixel