Aspect Ratios

4:3 aspect ratio

What is 4:3 aspect ratio?

4:3 aspect ratio (also 4×3, 4 by 3 or 4 to 3) it was the most used proportion for the old TVs certainly. Is the ratio between 4 units in width and 3 units in height and It is a landscape format, close to a square.

4:3 aspect ratio


The 4:3 format, known as landscape, is the most format used in TVs of yesteryear certainly. You can still use it today on various video platforms, for example, like youtube. Old videos on youtube still maintain this proportion, you’ve seen it on old TVs, for sure. In conclusion the most common size you can use is 1440 x 1080px. However you can use our tool and calculate other sizes in that proportion.

4:3 aspect ratio

Common Resolutions

4:3 landscape

256 x 192

QVGA · 320 x 240

VGA · 640 × 480

SVGA · 800 × 600

XGA · 1024 × 768

XGA+ · 1152 x 864

1280 × 960

1440 × 1080

1920 × 1440

QXGA · 2048 × 1536

QUXGA · 3200 x 2400

HXGA · 4096 x 3072

HUXGA · 6400 x 4800

You can see in currently productions that want to remember the 80’s, because use this property for their videos and shorts films. However on youtube and other video platforms you can still find videos in this proportion too, but in this case there may be black borders on their sides. However in the case of mobile devices, in portrait for example, you can post the video with the exact proportion.

You also known as 1.33:1, which is basically 4 width divided by 3 height. So you can use ratio for example 4:3, 1.33:1 or 8:6 and it will serve exactly in that format. We created this and many other calculators to make it easier for everyone to calculate. With our calculator you can define any size in this aspect ratio! Do like everyone else and use our tool right now!