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Learn more about aspect ratio

It is basically the relationship between the width and height, and you can found in any photos or videos. Imagine, for example, a 16:9, the number 16 is the width while the number 9 is the height. This format is specifically demonstrated with the two numbers separated by a colon.

Whenever you need to edit a photo for social media, for example, you will need to follow the correct ratio. Basically for each place where you send your photos and videos you will have to follow specifically the requested proportions. But you can rest assured, with our calculators you will certainly be able to calculate any size!

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Why is it important to calculate correctly?

Did you know that it is very important to know the proportions? It is with them that you can calculate, for example, how your video will appear on youtube. But our calculators are very easy to use and very useful, for sure. We have calculators for social networks too, for example, for instagram, twitter, and more. Best of all, they are all totally free! Each calculator we created was made to be simple to use and extremely useful.

You can use all of our calculators, for example 4:3, 16:9, 21:9 and more. All of them will certainly help you to solve the size issues. If you need to post a video on the internet you can use our 16:9 calculator, for example, but if you want you can use our calculator exclusively for Youtube!

TV & Cinema
It is the size used for example on old TVs


This size is basically used in today’s full HD TVs and monitors


This format is still little used in TVs, but has started to be used on mobile devices and film


This is used specifically in IMAX theaters


In this case you can watch films in IMAX Digital, for example


Social Networks & Internet

This is recommended for video on mobile devices on Twitter, for example. Recommended size in this case is 1200 x 600 pixels


This aspect ratio is mostly used for instagram photos, for example


This size is the most common to use on instagram stories, for example, and the best sizes are basically 1080 x 1920 pixels


This size is the most common used basically in all landscape videos. You can use it for example on Youtube, Twitter and more


This size is found for example in the Twitter preview link